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epoxy paint
epoxy paint

Arkanstone Design owner, Steve Nagle, has designed and installed tile, marble, stone and wood in custom homes and commercial buildings for over two decades. We are proud to be the only certified NATURE STONE® Dealer/Installer in Northwest Arkansas. Steve and his wife, Dr. Kelly Nagle D.C., reside in Fayetteville with their two sons.  As a family they enjoy all outdoor activities including gardening, bike riding, and canoeing.

Arkanstone Design turns your old cracked concrete flooring into beautiful and durable NATURE STONE®. Authentic NATURE STONE® flooring uses a custom blend of specially formulated epoxy floor coating and a blend of fine natural river stones. This decorative durable blend will eliminate your concrete flooring problems and add beauty to indoor and outdoor areas that is guaranteed to last. Our professional staff will apply NATURE STONE® over your existing concrete insuring proper mix-ratio, troweling techniques, and floor preparation protocols. Designed to provide both beauty and durability, NATURE STONE® is environmentally-friendly and can contribute to LEED ratings.

NATURE STONE® is installed over existing concrete floors for residential and commercial areas. Our epoxy flooring is perfect for use indoors in a garage, basement, bathroom, laundry or utility room, sun room, or play room. Outside the home, this durable, beautiful type of flooring is great for patios, pool decks, walkways, and porches. Anywhere you want to add a unique attractive and functional surface to hide unsightly concrete, Arkanstone Design’s selection of different river stones will achieve your vision.

Commercial clients enjoy NATURE STONE® floors for solving problems in high traffic areas and other demanding environments. Arkanstone Design can inlay custom designs or your company logo into your floor to promote your brand or business.

A Durable, Maintenance Free Solution

With all flooring, a quality product comes down to the adhesive used to install the product and the bonding agents used to hold the product together. NATURE STONE® manufactures its own epoxy. This epoxy is specially formulated for stone to stone and stone to concrete permanent adhesion. NATURE STONE® epoxy and mix ratio have been extensively tested by EPA and American Society for Testing Materials to ensure it is safe for your home, business, the environment and offers the highest quality standard for durability in this industry.

This is why NATURE STONE® has the least amount of maintenance protocols to be followed than any other flooring or finishes over concrete. With proper surface preparation, mix ratio and skilled application a NATURE STONE® floor will offer a durable surface that never has to be replaced. Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, pressure washing and steam cleaning are all acceptable methods for cleaning a NATURE STONE® floor. It will easily withstand the harshest weather conditions outside and still look great for the spring time BBQ season.

NATURE STONE®durability has a great deal to do with its hydrostatic ports and porous design allowing the concrete surface to breathe and water to evaporate or run off. This design and the antimicrobial properties of the epoxy prevent the growth of mold and mildew associated with trapped moisture in or under other floor coverings.

A Comfortable Beautiful Floor

A NATURE STONE® floor offers a variety of natural stones to choose from allowing you to compliment your existing décor whether inside or outside. When skillfully applied the surface is smooth, seamless and comfortable to walk on especially in bare feet. The surface offers slip resistance for your safety as well.

Features of a Nature Stone Floor:


NATURE STONE® is interesting and beautiful to look at and comfortable to walk on (especially in bare feet).


NATURE STONE® is durable and stain resistant.


NATURE STONE® is easy to clean.


Nature Stone has a higher “R” Value (insulating property) than wood, vinyl, tile and twice that of carpet.


Hydrostatic Ports allow floor to stay dry and slip resistant.


Covers over unsightly uneven and cracked concrete.


Allows expansion and contraction with the seasons while maintaining its strength and durability.

Transform your residential and commercial spaces with beautiful, safe Nature Stone brand flooring. From the initial estimate to the final project day, our team is with you the entire time to get you exactly what you are looking for. If you have any questions, one of our team members will guide you.

Is an Arkanstone Design floor is right for you?