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Take one look at old concrete outdoor flooring, walkways, or hallways, and you will notice several issues that most people just live with, thinking there is nothing that can be done short of tearing out and replacing the concrete. Those flooring issues include ugly stains, dangerous cracks and chips, and pooling water. A solution is easier than you may realize.

Long-lasting, beautiful NATURE STONE® flooring is a perfect choice for commercial flooring. Our professional team applies the flooring directly over old concrete and quickly corrects these problems without messy concrete sealer. Old flooring can be removed and the concrete floor will be transformed into a beautiful and virtually maintenance-free area displaying class and elegance.

Where can you apply this type of flooring? The durability and strength of NATURE STONE® makes it ideal for high traffic areas like commercial foyers, hallways, lobbies, and exterior entry-ways. NATURE STONE® will not be damaged by salt, moisture or water, and reduces tracked-in dirt. The specially formulated epoxy used in NATURE STONE® eliminates the damage caused by salt, and out-lasts other commercial flooring. Its beautiful appearance makes NATURE STONE® ideal for areas that need to remain attractive and inviting for customers, tenants, clients and employees.

NATURE STONE® is an easily maintained one-time investment. This concrete resurfacing creates a resilient flooring that will not wear out. It is safe and slip-resistant, even on areas that are frequently wet, such as patio flooring and bathroom flooring. The concrete sealer will not be damaged by moisture, water, and flooring and reduces tracked-in dirt. The concrete epoxy eliminates salt damage and far outlasts paint and other floor coatings. Only a periodic cleaning is needed, meaning you will not have to interrupt your daily business traffic for maintenance. Cleaning is simple and takes only a broom or damp mop.  Keep your facility looking fresh and new without constant maintenance or having to ever replace the flooring again.

NATURE STONE® reduces liability risks. Because NATURE STONE® does not crack or chip, and covers cracks and uneven areas in your existing concrete, individuals are less likely to trip and fall. NATURE STONE® eliminates standing water and is mold- and stain-resistant.

NATURE STONE® is installed directly over existing concrete. Arkanstone Design’s professionals perform an inspection of the existing concrete to verify the installation is appropriate. Installers then prepare the existing concrete to ensure maximum bonding of the epoxy to the existing concrete floor. NATURE STONE® flooring will cover defects, cracks, and stains in concrete flooring, as well as correct areas that are uneven.

A proprietary, tough topcoat ensures a long-lasting beautiful appearance. Businesses can use flooring as an extension of their branding by incorporating a custom logo or other flooring inlay.

Invest in your commercial business with NATURE STONE® flooring.