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Why do most basement and garage floor coverings need to be replaced periodically?
Concrete is porous and damp, and moisture migrates up through the concrete and gets trapped. Evaporation is unable to dry the dampness beneath carpet, tile, linoleum, wood, and paint. Mold and mildew eventually form beneath the carpeting, tiles become loose, and paint peels. Nature Stone’s epoxy coat is designed to breathe, which allows natural evaporation.
Why does NATURE STONE® have such a good reputation for covering basement and garage concrete floors?

A considerable amount of engineering and design is needed to create a product that’s suitable for use over concrete. NATURE STONE® uses a specifically formulated epoxy to ensure that the floor will naturally breathe. Moisture, and even flooding, won’t affect the durability of NATURE STONE® flooring.

Is NATURE STONE® a common solution for concrete floor issues?

Yes. NATURE STONE® has become the most trusted brand of stone and epoxy flooring. It’s an affordable elegant, fun, durable alternative to stained concrete and other traditional flooring.

What’s so special about NATURE STONE® epoxy?

Over twenty years ago, NATURE STONE® endeavored to create the industry’s most striking and hard-wearing stone and epoxy flooring. NATURE STONE® improved on the typical epoxy used by competitors. Today, NATURE STONE® manufactures its own patent-pending epoxy developed specifically for use with stone and epoxy flooring.

What does proper stone mix ratio mean?
Varying amounts of epoxy resin are required to ensure proper stone-to-stone bonding, depending on the particular stones used.
What if my concrete floor is cracked or has expansion joints?

NATURE STONE® uses expansion strips in its stone and epoxy flooring to ensure the floor’s stability and strength. NATURE STONE® has expansion strips manufactured specifically for stone and epoxy applications.

How green is Nature Stone?

NATURE STONE® flooring is made from 100% solid epoxy binders, polymer topcoats, and sealants that are FDA-compliant. No chemicals or waxes are needed for maintenance and the chemicals used for NATURE STONE® floors emit no volatile organic compounds. Because NATURE STONE® has such long-term durability, it doesn’t need to be replaced like other types of flooring products. It is a permanent solution for your floor. NATURE STONE® flooring can also contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ratings.

How affordable is Nature Stone?

To determine the cost of your project, schedule a free in-home estimate. To schedule your appointment, call (479) 316-4206. The cost is comparable to a quality tile installation. The installation cost will vary depending on the condition of the existing floor, the amount covered, accessibility, and any special requirements.

How do I care for my new NATURE STONE® floor?

To clean your NATURE STONE® floor, you can sweep, mop, vacuum, pressure wash, steam clean, or use a blower. Your new NATURE STONE® floor will not stain.  The anti-microbial epoxy will prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

Find out how easy and elegant NATURE STONE® installation can be!