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You finally got the tools placed where they belong in the garage and the paint is stored in neatly labeled cabinets. But now your car is jealous, resting on a dirty, cracked, oily garage floor. With an epoxy garage floor like NATURE STONE®, your car – and you – can feel like you’re driving into a showroom. The garage floor epoxy coatings make your garage as easy to clean as your kitchen counter.  A Nature Stone garage floor covering eliminates standing water, salt damage, and oil stains. It’s safe and slip-resistant and covers tripping hazards, like uneven concrete.

Let’s look at the rest of your home. Does your basement feel damp and moldy? Is it time to reclaim with the space with a basement remodel?

Are you still trying to weigh the cost-benefits of tile and linoleum as the only flooring options you have?

NATURE STONE® expands the livable spaces in your home and creates beautiful spaces for the entire family.  A unique stone and epoxy floor covering, it is ideal for homes, both indoor and outdoor, such as garage floors, play rooms, basement flooring, laundry rooms, stone patios, and more. NATURE STONE® is stronger and lasts longer than concrete, absorbs more moisture than carpet, and is a better insulator than tile, concrete, and carpet. In fact, it has a superior insulation rating 2-3 times that of carpeting! You can add elegance to a sun room, front porch, or backyard patio and make a basement into a stylish, environmentally friendly rec room.

NATURE STONE® is durable and stain- and salt- resistant. Designed to be placed over discolored, uneven, or cracked concrete, NATURE STONE®permanently bonds to concrete. The hydrostatic ports allow water to drain, eliminating water buildup, which keeps the floor dry and safe to walk on. The flooring can withstand severe weather because of its unusually strong epoxy that allows expansion and contraction with the seasons. Nature Stone is available in a wide range of colors and styles to complement the existing design in your home so you can find the perfect look for your patio, laundry, and garage flooring.

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